Guitar Repairs & Setups

STANDARD GUITAR SETUP (€60 including new strings)

  1. Thorough check of all external parts from machine heads to strap holders.
  2. Full clean and check of all electronics.
  3. Balance the pickups to optimise their tone and output strength.
  4. Adjust the truss rod for playing comfort and better action.
  5. Saddle intonation and adjustment for both tuning stability and improved action.
  6. Full polish and clean of the guitar.
  7. Restring the guitar with a set of 9s, 10s or 11s – D’Addario XL or whatever is provided.


  1. Full fret levelling and filing of the nut to further increase the comfort and playability of the guitar – this helps to remove any buzzing from frets that can occur when a low action is preferred. Highly recommended for fast players or guitars with excessive fret buzz. (plus €30)
  2. Potentiometer upgrade. For anyone considering upgrading their pickups this is an excellent way of maximising the tone from the existing pickups and or the new pickups (plus €40 including the pots)
  3. Nut replacement. A lot of stock guitars come with a plastic nut which is a soft material that can absorb and dull the tone of a guitar. A replacement graphtech nut is a harder material that has much better acoustic transparency and causes far less resistance during string vibration. (plus €30 including the nut)
For other jobs (such as pickup replacement or amp repair), please ring the studio directly.

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