Say goodbye to waste and the challenges of on-the-road merch management.

Everything is print-on-demand.

Artists have the flexibility to refresh their branding for each release.

We handle product design, print, package, and ship tasks, ensuring no excess stock sits unused.

Merchstore is the go-to fulfillment hub for local artists, bands, and performers. On each artist gets a unique page showcasing their latest releases, images, and videos, integrated with bandcamp embeds for enhanced revenue.

Customers can easily join artist-specific email lists during checkout, with data ownership resting solely with the artist. Our platform amplifies exposure through curated product selections, featured spaces, and the “More artists like these” recommendations.

We’re committed to supporting artists by offering a streamlined platform for merchandise, helping both signed and unsigned talents reach broader audiences. Say goodbye to waste and the challenges of on-the-road merch management. For security we don’t yet offer artists logins for account data.  We issue reports pending a minimum amount of sales. You may provide an email address to be notified of sales if you wish to do so. 

Become a merchstore Artist?

Joining Merch Store involves a one-time setup fee. While each release update has an admin fee, you can maintain all current products and expand your collection over time. We adjust your existing artwork and logo to fit our 10-product and expandingĀ  range. If you require logo or design services, do ask; we can connect you with professionals. Note: Merch Store doesn’t offer bespoke artwork or logo design solutions.