Established 2009 Troubadour Rehearsal Studios, Fairview, Dublin 3.

Dublins Premier Rehearsal Facilities

All of our 11 sound-treated studios are equipped with a Yamaha EMX512SC desk, a pair of either EV elx112 or BOSE 802 speakers and a powered floor monitor. Every room has drumshells and hardware (hi-hat stand, snare stand and 3 cymbal stands) as standard. Studios 1 to 7 on the ground floor each have a mirrored wall.

Here is a full list of backline available to add to your studio

Guitar Combo Amps
  • Fender Solidstate €2.50 
  • Marshall Valvestate €2.50
  • Boss Katana  €2.50
  • Marshall DSL401 €5
  • Fender ‘Red Knob’ Twin €5
  • Vox AC30 €5 
  • Vox MV50 plus 212 cab €5
  • Troubadour TT18 €5 (hand built, hand wired, all tube 18-watt – based on the circuitry of the Marshall Bluesbreaker)
  • 412 and 212 Guitar Cabs €2.50

*For anyone wanting to use their own amp head.

  • Fender Rumble €2.50
  • Ashdown Mag €2.50
  • Marshall MB €2.50
  • Ampeg SVT350 plus Mesa cab €5
  • Bass cab €2.50

*For anyone wanting to use their own amp head.

  • Cymbal set including single pedal and snare €7.50
  • Cymbal set including double pedal and snare €10.00
  • Snare only €2.50
  • Single pedal only €2.50
  • Double pedal only €5.00


  • Digital Weighted 88 key Piano €7.50
  • Midi 66 key Keyboard + USB Type A to USB Type B  (Available on request)


  • Fender Squier Stratocaster €7.50
  • Epiphone Studio Les Paul €7.50
  • Fender Squier P Bass €7.50

Common Area

The common area in Fairview session studios has a small kitchen area with a kettle, cups and milk etc – Everything you need to make a complimentary cup of tea or coffee. We also have a microwave and other crockery and cutlery in case you need it.

  • You can also dispose of your batteries in the WEEE basket above the microwave.
  • This area is also used as a notice board area for musicians and bands.

Vending Machine

Please note that our vending machine has a touchscreen and is card only but you can always ask a member of staff while we are around if you only have cash.

What do we stock?
Guitar Strings
  • Guitar Strings:
    • D’addario 9s,10s & 11s XL Nickel Wound
  • Accoustic Guitar Strings:
    • D’addario Light & Medium gauge Phospher Bronze.
  • Bass Strings:
    • D’addario Reg Light Nickel Wound
  • Pro-Mark
    • Forward 7A W
    • Forward 5A W
    • Forward 5B W
    • Forward 2B W
  • Guitar Cable:
    • 20ft Pro Audio Troubadour Cable with Neutrik type trs ends.
  • Guitar Straps:
    • Basic Black nylon D’addario guitar strap.
  • Ear Protection:
    • Basic foam earplugs (x2 per pack)
    • High Fidelity SNR -23db earplugs with troubadour keyring case. (x1 pair)
  • Microphone shields:
    • Reuseable foam pop sheild cover, used to reduce sibilance and as a hygiene cover.
  • Drinks
    • Water 500ml
    • Vit-Hit Perform 500ml
    • Monster Regular
    • Monster Zero
    • Coke 300ml
    • Coke 300ml
    • Diet 300ml
    • Club Orange 300ml
  • Bars/Crisps
    • Fulfil Protein Salt & Caramel
    • Boost
    • Snickers
    • Yorkie
    • Tayto S&V
    • Tayto C&O

Backline Hire


Deposit and ID may be required

  • Drum Kit (Mapex Rock kit, 12, 13, 16, 22) including hardware and stool €60
  • Cymbal set including snare and pedal €40 (€25 with kit hire)
  • Marshall Solid State guitar amp €30
  • Fender Solid State guitar amp €30
  • Fender Rumble bass amp €30

Backline Hire Enquiry

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choose only what you need.